Beijing"s kindergartens required to instalcomputer withl and enhance cameras

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Kindergartens in all districts in Beijing are required to increase their surveillance cameras to make sure that every corner is covered, Beijing Youth Daily reported Monday, following the widely discussed child abuse claims at a RYB kindergarten.

Authorities in all districts of Beijing have investigated the availability of cameras and their monitoring in kindergartens, and have deployed measures to increase security in these places.

In some districts, the kindergarten monitoring systems are connected with the local police monitoring systems.

"Cameras are installed in our kindergarten. It is required that every classroom should have at least one camera. For classrooms that have suites, some of them have two cameras. Corridors on every floor are installed with cameras as well, one on both sides. Every camera can cover a full circular range of 360 degrees," said a kindergarten principal in Haidian district.

The principal added that the monitoring system is also required to be connected to the police monitoring system.

Another principal of a kindergarten in Dongcheng district said that they are increasing the number of cameras in their kindergarten. The principal said that previously every place except toilets -- including aisles, the playground, classrooms and the kitchen -- had been installed with cameras.

"We used to have just one camera in every classroom and now we will have two for each for better coverage." The principal said that the kindergarten"s monitoring system has been connected with the system in the local police station.

Zhou Hongyi, founder of the Chinese internet security company Qihoo 360, has recently posted an article on his Sina Weibo account, urging all kindergartens across the country to install cameras and enable parents to view the video recordings on their mobile phones anytime anywhere.

"The technology is not a problem. Companies like Qihoo 360 can provide them with intelligent camera equipment. The picture is clear and it doesn"t cost much. Qihoo 360 can offer free cameras and free delivery and installation service for kindergartens," said Zhou.

A principal of a kindergarten in Fengtai district said they also increased the number of cameras. "All the playrooms are now installed with cameras - two in each playroom and two in each bedroom. Even washrooms should not be left alone in order to achieve full coverage." Previously the kindergarten did not have cameras in playrooms.

A teacher working in a kindergarten in Shijingshan district said their monitoring facility is connected to the intranet of the local education commission.

It is reported that some kindergartens have set up monitoring rooms with full-time staff in charge of all the video records. "Our strict rules forbid any teacher from entering the monitoring room. Only administrators with permission have access to it. "

"Parents can apply for the right to view our video records if they have concerns over their child"s situation here, and we will accompany them through the whole process." The principal also said those records cannot be clipped or edited so parents need not worry about authenticity.

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